USPS shipping:

Our packages move at slow speed through USPS.
Latest thing that USPS is doing is showing our packages statuses as “origin post is preparing shipment” they will let this status show until they scan the package even if it arrived at their facility 14 days before. We are not in control of how they scan, when they scan or what they do.

Our packages arrives. All packages that has been delayed, stuck or anything of that kind, has all eventually been delivered. It’s just poor service from USPS and heavily delayed.

Because of the COVID-19 situation a lot of our packages within the US has been heavy delayed, because USPS is facing massive issues within their facility. 

We have set up a new shipping system with FedEx, which we do understand is pricier, but you will receive your package within 48 hours, after it has shipped. 

You can still choose USPS, but it is important to let you know that by choosing USPS delivery, you agree that you have understood, that delivery dates cannot be estimated through COVID-19 and delivery of shipments can take up to 14-60 days with the current situation within US. We currently see a lot of shipments stuck within customs, and it is completely out of our hands how USPS operates through this difficult time. 

If you choose USPS, we ask you the sincerest patience and to be okay with shipping might being heavy delayed, as long as USPS is affected by the situation. 


Due to constant new restrictions and inconsistency through COVID-19, our processing time of orders can likely be delayed.

We are doing our very best to get the packages out as fast as possible, but our shipping couriers operate differently through these times too, which may cause delays of shipping.


If you have chosen FEDEX as a shipping option, please know that there is still a processing time on your order and that the 2 day expedited shipping means that it will take FEDEX 2 days to deliver it, once we have processed and handled your order.

If you have chosen USPS, please know that we cannot estimate any delivery times. That is why we have given the estimated time of 14-60 days with USPS as they don’t operate normally in any of their services. Sometimes they won’t update their tracking until after a month and the tracking will say it’s on it’s way to their facility, even if it has already landed there. All packages shipped with USPS from Denmark lands in USA maximum 5 days after shipment, so if your package hasn’t update it’s due to USPS not prioritizing updating tracking.

We are not in control of this. Please hold this in mind and be patient if you’ve chosen the USPS shipping method. Emails about where your order is and updates are impossible for us to give you an answer to, all we know is that it might take them up to 60 days to deliver them through this time.

Thank you for the patience and understanding through this difficult time.

Shipping within Europe operates normally now. Canada and Australia we are still facing small delays too. 

Much love and gratitude,