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My skin went from acne-ridden, uneven, bumpy, red, and inflamed; to smooth, radiant, next to no breakouts, and WAY less inflamed. Blue Jasmine is the perfect oil for bed time, literally healing my skin as I sleep! I rarely ever wear makeup anymore, and I just glow right when I wake up! I’m so thankful to not only use this product, but several of her amazing products.

Hailey Habenicht

Literally healed my acne in like a week.
And oh wow the smell is beyond anything I have ever tried. Such a special face oil!


I have sensitive and acne-prone skin, but when I use Michelle’s Blue Jasmine Oil it takes less than a week for my skin to clear up and feel as smooth as newborn skin! I love her products and the clean ingredients she sources for them. Well worth the price!


Such a unique serum I love the smell it feels like pampering my skin in the most luxurious serum. Helps clear my blemishes and takes any redness you have away in seconds.

Taylor Smith

I didn't think I'd love this as much as I do. I always traditionally had "oily skin" and have been apprehensive about putting more oil on my face. I've broken out with many different products, but this has the opposite effect. I RARELY break out now. All you need is a small pump and it absorbs wonderfully, smells good, and makes my skin so glowy and smooth. Im obsessed and will never go back to traditional face lotions or even store-bought cleanser/moisturizer in general.


This is the most beautiful, luxurious, skin-saving serum I’ve ever put on my face. Since I tried it a few years ago, I’ve never gone back. I’m on my 6th or 7th bottle now.


I have the driest skin on earth, I have tried everythiiiiiing! Literally all creams for dry skin you can think of. And wow, within a week my face is smoother than it has ever been. This balm is seriously such a miracle. It calms down my red patches and the skin feels so smooth. I like to apply it overnight and I wake up with the softest skin I have ever had in ages. I can’t wait to see what this will do for my skin as I continue but this is by far the best I have ever tried for my dry dry skin!


It is incredibly rare for me to repurchase a skincare product, I have acne prone skin, and I feel like once I use a product and I don't get results I need.. I move on. This product however, INSANE. I was introduced to it from a makeup artist. This beauty balm is so perfect, especially since I started using retinol the last 4 months, I put this on top of everything at night, I haven't had blemishes, and I haven't had dry skin. So here I am, back again for another pot of this! Thought I'd leave a review before I purchase again. Thank you!


a note from the founder

our skin is a personal thing

skin is more than “just” skin. It's often a part of your everyday life and well-being. we're sincerely honored to be offering a holistic solution to your skin concerns.

I am a firm believer in wanting for others what i want for myself. that generally entails the best of care; the best language; earnestness and simple pleasures that adorn a modest yet well lived life.

the benefits of using botanicals are amazing and I think everyone deserves the experience of adorning their skin in natures most potent ingredients and the aromatic experience oils + extracts can give us.

“Nature needs only our acknowledgement of its profound offerings and our care and respect for what abounds all around us.”

Michelle Zenia Achilles Founder, CEO

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