Is everything that you make really natural?

Yes! We use the finest natural and organic ingredients we can find.

This includes herbs, butters, clay, sea salts, essential oils and natural oils.


Our products are made with certified organic, wildcrafted and or natural ingredients.


The products contains NO:

No SLS / Cruelty-Free / No Artifical Dyes, Colors or Fragrances / No Paraben & Sulfate Free / Gluten Free / Phthalate Free / Vegan / Eco-Friendly / Made with Non-GMO / No Silicones /No Dimethicone and Preservative Free.


Where do you source your oils and ingredients from?

Our products are made with certified organic, wildcrafted and or natural ingredients.


Are your products suitable for acne prone skin, hormonal or sensitive skin?

I have formulated each product to be gentle enough for all skin types, even the most delicate or congested skin type. But please remember, that every skin type is individual and it can take up to 28 days for your skin to get used to the new product.

When our products are consistently used on a daily basis, incredible results can take place.


My jar of balm arrived very soft, is this normal? Is there anything I can do to harden the texture?

All of our balms is free of waxes, which means the texture may vary as temperatures shift.

This will not alter the ingredients nor will it affect efficiency. The natural consistency of our balms is soft, and is is designed to melt on contact with the skin. If you prefer your consistency to be a bit more firm, simply stir her well and place her in the refrigerator for an hour (make sure that the lid is stored on tight). Remove and store her in a cool and dark area.


My jar of balm has become grainy. What should I do?

While we adore working with natural plant butters because they nourish the skin and contain high amounts of Vitamin A, E, and F which all contribute to keeping skin healthy  well as protecting against sun damage, they can sometimes become grainy or uneven within natural skincare products. The product has not spoiled or gone bad. Butters can become grainy after the product has undergone a temperature increase and then cools down too slowly.

All of the fats that are molecularly similar are attracted to one another and form little fat grains or crystals within the product. The crystals will melt when they contact your skin but it does make for an less than desirable texture.


Here is an easy solution.

  1. Fill a pot about 1-2 inches with water and boil. Turn off heat.
  2. Place your jar of product, SEALED TIGHTLY in the pot so that the water falls just under where the cap meets the jar bottom- you NEVER want water getting into the product or it can spoil. (always take care too not to burn yourself.)
  3. Leave the product in the pot until the water cools, about 15 minutes.
  4. Pull the product from the water, dry it and put it in the freezer for 30 minutes.  
  5. Remove from freezer. No more grainy texture!


Why can’t I track my order?

Please read shipping section for all questions regarding shipments.


What is the shelf life of your products?

Please enjoy all of your products within 6-12 months of opening.



Our products are packaged in Miron Violet Glass. Miron violet glass jars and Miron violet glass bottles are premier containers that preserve and add vitality and energy to the contents inside. Miron violet glass is biophotonic, meaning that electromagnetic waves of UVA and FAR infrared are able to penetrate through the glass and enhance the contents. Yet, Miron Violet glass completely blocks all harmful rays from the light spectrum (with the exception of violet light). This unique combination allows for optimal protection against the aging process, thus considerably preserving and increasing the potency and aliveness of the beautiful botanicals.


Return policy

Because it is my highest priority to enhance and protect your health, and because of the perishable nature of the products, all orders are final sale. No returns or exchanges will be accepted.

That being said, it is extremely important to me that you are satisfied with your order. If you need assistance in any way with your order or with the products, or if you have any feedback to offer, please contact me and I will assist you as soon as possible.

If, for any reason, your products arrive damaged, defective, or incomplete, I will make the situation right immediately. Please contact me so I can remedy the issue.