how Michelle's struggle with acne, eczema & other skin issues sparked a holistic skincare + wellness brand.

created by Scandinavian founder Michelle Zenia Achilles — By Achilles was launched officially in 2020, but has been years in the making. 

throughout many important years of my life I suffered with skin conditions such as acne, eczema & perioral dermatitis. after trying what has felt like every product and prescription on the market for those skin concerns, with little to no improvement, and nothing that worked for my skin - I became determined to find a gentler way, and different approach to cure my skin concerns, which ultimately led to what is now By Achilles holistic skincare. 

we believe that skin care is a personal thing

when traditional acne remedies failed me...

By Achilles was an idea that started very humbly at my kitchen table back in 2017, when traditional acne remedies had failed me for years. 

I was attending school at the time to become a certified aestethican, and decided to expand my diploma in skincare formulation, aromadermatology and herbalism. I wanted to find a holistic approach to my skin concerns, and finally connect the dots to a happier and clearer skin. 

I was desperate to find a way to ease my skin issues after years of unsuccessful treatments and potions, and that’s when I started to create and formulate at my kitchen table while attending school. 

I was slowly finding my skin clearer, and by creating these formulas; both skincare, but also herbal tea blends - I soon realised that I had been formulating for my first ever client case: myself. 

the creation of By Achilles®

I could never have dreamed up what By Achilles is now. The brand wasn’t ‘planned’, but was birthed as an extension of my own acne healing journey. It wasn’t ‘planned’ mostly because the scars of my acne journey had left me, and the confidence in me felt rather weak when I thought about going into the world, and tell people I thought I might be able to help them with their skin concerns which is something that is so hard to go through.

Finally, with my husband & mother as my biggest supporters, I decided to release my first formula: the sunshine elixir. Sunshine elixir is the star of our brand, my first baby, and also truly an extension of me and my healing journey. Sunshine elixir is essentially what made all of this possible, and why we’ve been able to build a brand. She was, and is that succesful at what she does to the skin. (Proud mother) lol. 

Because I was able to solve my own skin issues, with the different formulas created behind the scenes and also released slowly over time, it became my mission to help others with their skin concerns and build a promising brand for troubled skin.

shortcuts cannot be taken when you insist upon making the very best of something. this is the philosophical foundation upon which we are built.

this, I belive, is why we over the many years of working with our beloved clients and receiving so much feedback — have witnessed firsthand, how our formulas has been able to dramatically transform and improve skin’s health, for so many more than just myself - something I wholeheartedly give credit to the use of our undiluted, organic and wildcrafted ingredients for + the ratios and research we put behind each formula. 

each product is hand-crafted in our lab, ensuring us control over the process of all of our products from start to finish. 

we are slowly building the holistic skincare company of our dreams, and we like to grow organically like the ingredients we use, so we never have to compromise our quality over quantity. we are more than skin deep grateful for each and everyone of you. you and your skin matters to us. 

Thank you so much for being here.