$43.00 USD

Gua Sha is used as a part of treatments to reduce the effects of aging and enhance the skin - it is claimed that regular use of facial Gua Sha can promote the growth of new skin cells, help renew your complexion and reduce clogged pores among other benefits. 

A visual instruction guide will follow with your Gua Sha package. 

This Gua Sha tool is made of 100% natural stone, handcrafted and ethically sourced from South and Central America. Our Gua Sha tools are not like any Gua Sha tool you see on the market. 

They might be more expensive than others, but they are also more pricey to produce due to the natural hand carved process of each gua sha stone. 

The stones are 100% natural, produced by hand and are ethical produced, something which is very important to us. 

Each Gua Sha tool is unique and no two tools are the same, just like us. They can therefore vary in color and there might be some small ‘beauty flaws’ which has no influence on the quality - it just makes your Gua Sha tool even more unique.

They take time to make and are of the finest quality. If you take good care of your crystal beauty tool you might have it for a lifetime.

Cleanse the tool with hot water infused with salt.

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